4 oz prune juice/ 2 oz Chambord/ sparkling wine, sparkling water or club soda/ lime wedge/ ice


  1. Fill a highball glass, tumbler, or stemless wineglass 1/3 full with ice;
  2. Add prune juice and Chambord, stir to combine;
  3. Top with sparkling wine or sparkling water;
  4. Add a squeeze of lime and enjoy.

What makes California Prunes different? Everything. It’s the legendary Petit d’Agen plum that was brought to California from France during the Gold Rush and grafted onto wild American plum stock. It’s the long growing seasons in California’s lush valleys with rich soil warmed by a steady sun and cool evening temperatures. It’s the hundreds of growers who hand-tend each tree to cultivate the perfect fruit. It’s the most rigorous agricultural standards of any place on earth. It’s the practice of drying prunes in climate-controlled tunnels, which California growers have honed into a precise art, balancing temperature, humidity and time. It is all these things combined that make a prune a California Prune. Over the past decade, researchers have made considerable progress in discovering and understanding the positive effects the consumption of California Prunes can have on our health, including bone health and gut health. The power of California Prunes includes important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Together, these nutrients form a web of vital functions that support overall health and the immune system.