Club Rangoon

Club Rangoon is an authentic Burmese kitchen inspired by the flavors of Yangon, Chef Karisa Cheque cooks a cuisine that celebrates fresh and flavorful ingredients. The versatile menu serves cherished family-owned recipes passed down from generations with a distinctive modern twist, striking a fine balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Founded by first-time restaurateur and Myanmar-native Nelson Htoo in July 2020, Hong Kong’s only Burmese restaurant focuses on serving authentic dishes in a sophisticated yet casual environment, showcasing the history and rich culture of Myanmar.

Burmese food remains a severely underrated cuisine, however, Club Rangoon is certainly opening Hong Kong diners’ eyes to this fresh and flavorful region. If you haven’t yet tried Burmese cuisine, Delicious USA 2021 is the perfect time to do so as Chef Karisa Cheque has a serious passion for blending U.S. ingredients and Myanmar flavors.

Club RangoonUS Beef
Beef Dan Bauk
An aromatic Burmese rice dish similar to Biryani made with Beef Cheek, Saffron, Tomato Relish and U.S. raisins.


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CUISINE: Burmese

CHEF'S TALK WITH Karisa Cheque

Common Abode – A Hong Kong based hospitality group that aims to craft exceptional experiences. 

Karisa Cheque – Common Abode

Hailing from Brazil, Karisa Cheque began her journey with the newly established hospitality group Common Abode as Head Chef of Club Rangoon, Hong Kong’s first authentic Burmese restaurant. Extending her expertise, she is now Executive Chef for the group, manning two of their three outlets, of which one is the highly-anticipated bar-lounge concept Candour, opening in late June. She’s creating…

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