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Seoul Recipe transforms Korean “fast food” into delicate and well-being-focused dishes by retaining the authentic flavors of Korean food. Using only 100% sesame oil, Pink Himalayan salt, and no added MSG nor preservatives, the food is made fresh in the kitchen daily. Seoul Recipe was founded in late 2017 with the aim to provide premium Korean catering services and gourmet food, offering a selection of exclusive Korean products including special Korean wine, Korean beef, and Korean desserts at food counters in Hong Kong’s biggest supermarkets. In September 2020, Seoul Recipe opened its first independent store located at Lower Staunton Street in the bustling Soho district. In addition to Korean gourmet retail products and dishes to-go, Seoul Recipe Soho offers food delivery services and catering solutions for private events and dinners.

While Seoul Recipe is known for their excellent Korean ingredients, there are certainly many parallels between Korean and American cuisines. Fried chicken, high-quality beef, and cheese are all things loved in both South Korea and the U.S. To celebrate Delicious USA 2021, Seoul Recipe is using superb U.S. Beef to create Korean barbecue favorites Galbi (grilled ribs) and Galbi-Jjim (braised short ribs).

Seoul Recipe x Delicious USA
Galbi with Vegetables
a dish consisting of tender Braised U.S. Beef Short Ribs in a rich, sticky and nutty sauce


C. Galbi Jjim $280
Galbi Jjim
A dish consisting of tender Braised U.S. Beef Short Ribs in a rich, sticky and nutty sauce


B. Fresh Galbi $260
Fresh Galbi
Fresh non marinated galbi


In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this website and the information provided by the restaurants, the latter prevails. Dish prices are subject to service charge wherever applicable.

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