Delicious USA 2022 Christmas Giveaway (December 2022)

2022 美國聖誕禮物大放送
2022 delicious usa
christmas giveaway

2022 美國聖誕禮物大放送條款及細則條款及細則

      • 主辦單位:Delicious USA HONG KONG (下稱Delicious USA)。
      • 參加資格: 年滿18歲或以上之香港居民。


      • 參加次數及提交:參加者可提交多個答案,但每帳號只可勝出一次。所有提交答案以最後修改版本為準。
      • 截止參加日期:於 2022年 12月31 ⽇ 晚上 11 時 59 分前完成帖文的三項要求。
      • 提交時間: 參加者答案上載時間以該社交平台 (Facebook or Instagram) 顯示時間為準。
      • 活動結果公佈:活動結束後將於 Delicious USA Facebook 及Instagram專頁公佈得獎者名單。
      • Delicious USA 團隊會從Delicious USA Facebook及Instagram專頁的參加者選出一共3位得獎者。
      • 參加者對結果和奬品不得異議。
      • Delicious USA 將發信息至得獎者帳號,指定期限及必須提交的資料將列明於得獎者會收到的得獎通知。如因得獎者未有回覆或資料出錯令得獎者未能領取禮物,Delicious USA概不負責,禮物將不獲補發並作廢,其他參加者不能補上。
      • 參加者如有查詢,可向Delicious USA Facebook 或Instagram Page專頁發送信息。
      • 禮物頒發後如有遺失或損毀,恕不補發。
      • 得獎者須同意Delicious USA 收集有關得獎者須個人資料以聯絡及處理禮物頒發。
      • 參加者於參加此活動之同時,即代表同意接受活動之條款及細則約束,如有違反,Delicious USA 有權取消參加者之參加或得獎資格,並對於任何參加者破壞活動之行為保留向參加者追究之權利。
      • 參加者須完全同意遵守活動之條款及細則。Delicious USA有權取消、終止、修改或暫停本活動,另亦可自行更改此次活動之條款及細則而不需作另行通知。
      • 答案中的個人化內容如有不當、不雅、淫穢、敵意、侵權、誣蔑、誹謗或中傷之內容或任何含有構成針對任何團體或個人之偏見、種族主義、仇恨或傷害,參加者將被取消參加資格。Delicious USA對參加者提交對種族、性別、宗教、國籍、殘疾、性取向或年齡之歧視之內容概不負責。參加者須彌償Delicious USA所有因不當內容而引致Delicious USA蒙受的任何損失、訴訟費及支出。
      • 所有答案均以Delicious USA 專頁所接收之記錄為準,及受制於Delicious USA 的最終決定。Delicious USA 對遲交、遺失、上載至錯誤網站、或Delicious USA 收到但基於任何原因不完整或難以識別的資料,概不承擔責任。
      • 如有任何爭議,Delicious USA 將保留最終決定權。



Christmas giveaway 2022 TERMS AND CONDITIONS

    • Organizer: Delicious USA HONG KONG (“Delicious USA”)
    • Participation qualifications: Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above.


      • General: Participants may submit multiple answers, but each account can only win once. Delicious USA will take the last revised versions for all submitted answers.
      • The deadline for submission: All three elements must be met by December 31, 2022, at 11:59 pm.
      • Submission time: The submission time will be based on the timing of the post by the contest participant on the respective social media platform (Facebook or Instagram).
      • Results of the Contest: Winners will be announced after the contest on the Delicious USA Facebook Page and Instagram Page.
      • Delicious USA will choose from participants on the Delicious USA Facebook and Instagram pages for a total of 3 winners.
      • Participants have no objection to the winning results and prizes.
      • Delicious USA will contact winners by messaging their social media accounts. The information required and deadline will be included in the announcement message sent to the winners. If the winners have not replied by the specified deadline or have provided incorrect information, Delicious USA will not be responsible for winners not receiving the gifts and will not be transferred to other participants and will be voided.
      • Participants may contact Delicious USA by messaging the Delicious USA Facebook or Instagram Page for any queries.
      • All prizes will not be reissued if they are lost or damaged after the award.
      • Winners need to agree that Delicious USA can collect personal information for contacting the winners and delivering the gifts.
      • The act of participating in this activity means that participants agree to the terms and conditions of the activity. If there is any violation, Delicious USA reserves the right to cancel the participant’s participation or winning qualifications and reserves the right to hold the participant accountable for any acts of sabotage.
      • Participants must fully agree to abide by the terms and conditions. Delicious USA has the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event, and can also change the terms and conditions of this event without prior notice.
      • Submissions will be disqualified if the content in the answer is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hostile, infringing, slanderous, defamatory, or any content that promotes prejudice, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual. Delicious USA is not responsible for content that discriminates against, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. Participants must indemnify Delicious USA for any losses, litigation fees and expenses incurred by the company due to improper content.
      • All submissions are based on the records received on the respective social media pages, and are subject to the final decision of Delicious USA. Delicious USA is not responsible for late or lost submissions, submissions uploaded to the wrong website, or incomplete or unrecognizable information received by Delicious USA for any reason.

      In case of any disputes, Delicious USA reserves the right to make the final decision.