The second annual Delicious USA month-long promotion is just around the corner in Hong Kong and Macau! The festival is aimed at celebrating the quality and diversity of American food and beverage ingredients. To kick off the event this year, the USDA’s Agricultural Trade Office in Hong Kong hosted its first-ever virtual showcase of premium American ingredients, curated specially for chefs with a unique twist.

Delicious USA 2020

An exclusive tasting menu featuring a hand-picked selection of premium American products was delivered directly to the chefs’ doors by foodpanda in advance of the online gathering along with a bonus care package of American food products, California wine and American craft beer to those who participated – a truly unique VR experience.

Delicious USA 2020

Chef Peter and Chef Felix explaining the inspiration behind the bento box creation

Delicious USA 2020 bento box

Clockwise from top right: lobster roll, galbi jjim short ribs, chilled pistachio pesto tagliatelle with chicken, tamagoyaki and American cheese platter (all products of the USA)

The Delicious USA 2020 food festival will run from 16 July–August. Participating restaurants will be announced soon along with their mouth-watering creations. Stayed tuned for more exciting news and events!

For more information on the festival, search the hashtag #deliciousUSA or visit the Delicious USA website