Alaska King Crab - With Nuts and Sweet Melon

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Alaska King Crab 200g

Lemon 1/2

Shine Muscat

Light Cream 1tsp

Sweet Melon 200g

Cashew nuts 30g

Salt 1/2tsp

White Pepper Powder


1. Remove the meat from the Alaskan king crab, squeeze the juice from the lemon and stir it into the crab meat with the salt, white pepper and trifle evaporated milk to marinate.

2. Cut sweet melon into julienne strips

3. Heat the cashew nuts in a pan over a slow fire to create aromas and put them together with the cantaloupe.

Wild seafood is one of Alaska’s most precious resources and our state goes to great lengths to ensure its continued abundance. From fishermen and processors to scientists and law enforcement officials, sustainability is not only crucial to our livelihood, but a deeply-ingrained tradition. Together Alaska’s five sustainability pillars tell the story of the important work Alaska does to ensure that sustainable Alaska seafood lands on your plate.