Alaska Pollock - With Mixed Vegetables

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Alaska Pollock 100g

Asparagus 50g

Apricot Mushroom 20g

Carrots 50g

Spring Bamboo Shoots 50g

Green Beans 20g

Port Wine Essence 100g

Olive Oil 50tsp

White Sauce 20g

Salt and Pepper


1. Roll 6 tsp water, 3 tsp red wine vinegar and 2 tsp chopped red onion together, evaporate half of it, remove from heat, add 20g butter, season with 1 tsp lemon juice, that is seasoned white sauce. 

2. Slice the asparagus, carrots and asparagus with a paring knife, roll them up and cook them.

3. Season the pollock with pepper salt, fry the fish and the apricot mushrooms at the same time, place the white sauce under the fried pollock.

4. Cook the port wine until the sauce is syrupy, add the olive oil and serve as a sauce.

Wild seafood is one of Alaska’s most precious resources and our state goes to great lengths to ensure its continued abundance. From fishermen and processors to scientists and law enforcement officials, sustainability is not only crucial to our livelihood, but a deeply-ingrained tradition. Together Alaska’s five sustainability pillars tell the story of the important work Alaska does to ensure that sustainable Alaska seafood lands on your plate.