Alaska Sole Sichuan-style Fragrant and Spicy Sole

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Alaska sole 100g


bread crumbs






Green onions


1. Wash fish and drain. Cut into 100g fillets for later use.

2. Marinate the fish pieces with salt, lemon juice, pepper, sake, and coat with flour, egg liquid, and bread crumbs.

3. Boil fish juice with fish bones sand save for later use.

4. Add oil to pan fry the sole until golden brown for later use.

5.Finally, use a frying pan to fry onion and cilantro. Add sake and red pepper, some spicy sauce. When sauce is finished, serve on plate with sole.

Wild seafood is one of Alaska’s most precious resources and our state goes to great lengths to ensure its continued abundance. From fishermen and processors to scientists and law enforcement officials, sustainability is not only crucial to our livelihood, but a deeply-ingrained tradition. Together Alaska’s five sustainability pillars tell the story of the important work Alaska does to ensure that sustainable Alaska seafood lands on your plate.