Grilled Salmon Rice Ball

Presented by USA Rice

Featured Rice Varieties: U.S. Medium Grain / Calrose

※Characteristics of rice: The stickiness of the rice grains after being cooked is uniform, and the grains are still distinct and chewy.


U.S. medium grain/ Calrose rice 200g, salmon fillet 100g, onion 30g, garlic 10g

Seasoning: 30g teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper to taste 

Cooking Method: 

1. After washing the rice, add the same amount of water to cook and let it cool for later use.

2. Heat the pan, fry the salmon until half-cooked, add chopped onion and minced garlic, stir fry until fully cooked and season with salt and pepper.

3. Mash the salmon and use it as a filling.

4. Wrap the salmon with cooked rice and press it tightly to make rice cakes.

5. Brush the surface of the rice cakes with teriyaki sauce and fry it until golden brown, then decorate with seaweed slices.  

Grilled salmon rice cake

The U.S. Rice Story

The U.S. rice industry’s commitment to sustainability dates back generations, long before the word “sustainability” became a popular term.  And today, the rice community continues to make strides towards a more sustainable future.

All segments of the U.S. rice industry are invested in sustainable production and processing practices because it’s personal – providing for their families, serving their communities, protecting wildlife habitats, and creating jobs.  Their stewardship is deliberate, ensuring a healthy, safe food supply, while improving the environment, and contributing to the local economy.