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Grilled Salmon Rice Cake

Featured Rice Varieties: U.S. Medium Grain / Calrose

※Characteristics of rice: The stickiness of the rice grains after being cooked is uniform, and the grains are still distinct and chewy through chewing.


U.S. medium grain/ Calrose rice 200g, salmon 100g, onion 30g, garlic 10g Seasoning: 30g teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper to taste 

Cooking Method: 

1. After washing the California rose rice, add the same amount of water to cook and let it cool for later use.

2. Start the pan, fry the salmon until half-cooked, add chopped onion and minced garlic, stir fry, mash and season to make fillings.

3. Remove the bones of the fried salmon, crush it, and use it as a filling.

4. Wrap the rice with salmon and press it tightly.

5. Lift the pan, brush the surface of the rice ball with teriyaki sauce and fry it until golden brown, then decorate with seaweed slices. 

Grilled salmon rice cake