Veggie & Cheese High Fiber Fried Rice


U.S. medium grain/ Calrose 200g, Coarse Chinese Cabbage 50g Snow White Mushroom 50g Hongxi Mushroom 50g Garlic 20g Shrimp 50g shredded carrot 30g, U.S. Monterey Jack cheese (shredded) 100g, chopped green onion 30g  

Seasoning: salt and pepper to taste 

Cooking Method:

1. Stir fragrant dried shrimp and minced garlic in oil.
2. Add mushrooms, vegetables and washed southern American medium grain rice, stir fry and season
3. Add equal amount of water and cheese shreds, mix well, steam and cook in the pot, sprinkle with chopped green onion to complete. 

Characteristics of rice:
Rice grains contain excellent water saturation, and then absorb a large amount of vegetable water, so that each rice force retains vegetable sweetness and aroma.

USA Rice veggie fried rice

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