Zucchini Sticks with Red Sauce


1 kg fresh U.S. Zucchini

8 U.S. egg whites

200g Panko Bread Crumbs

150g U.S. parmesan Cheese, grated

½ tablespoon canola oil

30g U.S. Onions, fresh, diced

80g U.S. tomato paste

175g Tomatoes

½ cup Water


¼ teaspoon Pepper, black, ground

2 tablespoons Parsley, dried

1 tablespoon Garlic powder

¼ teaspoon Basil, dried

¼ teaspoon Oregano, dried

⅛ teaspoon Thyme, dried

1 teaspoon U.S. kosher Salt


  1. Cut zucchini into ½” x 3” sticks. Combine U.S. zucchini and U.S. egg whites in a large bowl. Toss well. Set aside for step 3.
  2. Combine bread crumbs and U.S. parmesan cheese in a large bowl. Stir well. Set aside for step 3.
  3. Coat zucchini sticks with bread crumb and parmesan mixture.
  4. Place 1 kg zucchini sticks on each sheet pan (18” x 26” x 1”) lightly coated with pan release spray and lined with parchment paper.
  5. Bake:

     Conventional oven: 204°C for 35 minutes. 

     Convection oven: 190°C for 35 minutes. Remove from oven.

  1. Seasoning:

     Heat oil in a large stock pot. Add onions, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, water, pepper, parsley, garlic powder, basil, oregano, thyme and salt. Simmer uncovered over medium heat for 5 minutes.

    Place 10 individual soufflé cups on a sheet pan (18” x 26” x 1”).

    Pour 2 teaspoons tomato sauce into each soufflé cup.

    Portion approximately 2-3 zucchini sticks per serving and 1 soufflé cup.


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