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Rosewood Hotel

Discover the culinary finesse at buzzing tapas-inspired gastro market Bayfare Social. Vibrant and welcoming, the namesake destination of Rosewood’s new gastronomic hub plays home to interactive food counters and a range of thrilling dining options: grab-and-go selections, a paella counter, tapas at the bar, all to enjoy with a spritz or a caña – a Spanish draft beer – at sundown making it an ideal setting for delicious, social gatherings. Tuck into the signature tapas with a twist and delectable seasonal fare from lunch onwards each day with Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour glittering below.

Bayfare Social embraces a range of cuisines and global ingredients with their colorful menu. In keeping with this international theme, flavors from all over the world will be experienced with Bayfare Social’s Delicious USA 2021 dish. Inspired by Spanish tapas, this dish is a French favorite that uses the finest U.S. ingredients. 

Rosewood Hotel Bayfare Social US Beef

Steak Frites

A classic combination of tender, well-marbled U.S. flat iron steak cooked to your preference and crispy French Fries. Bon Appetit!


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CUISINE: Spanish



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