Morty's Delicatessen Central

Morty’s the New York-style deli, is situated on the lower ground floor in Jardine House, Central, and Starstreet, Wan Chai. Morty’s is a modern take on the classic delicatessen concept while still preserving traditional methods that have been instilled in our recipes and practices. Morty’s is a full-service restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner, online ordering and corporate catering. Morty’s serves classic and specialty deli sandwiches made with premium cuts of meat that have been smoked in-house. Morty’s prides itself by delivering fresh in-house baked bread and pickled veggies, salads, poutine, gluten-free sauces, and dressings, smoothies, an array of cocktails, draught beers, craft beers and proudly serving Elephant Grounds coffee.

What better way to celebrate Delicious USA 2021 than at one of the few New York-style delis in Hong Kong? When in NYC, you’ll have a hard time choosing a deli with one on every corner but now you can just head straight to Morty’s Delicatessen where you’ll get a true taste of New York in the form of an extremely satisfying All-American sandwich.

All-American Submarine Sandwich

A Crispy Baguette topped with a generous portion of Smoked U.S. Turkey. Dressed with Fresh Cabbage, Juicy Tomatoes, U.S. Cheddar Cheese & Mayonnaise.


In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this website and the information provided by the restaurants, the latter prevails. Dish prices are subject to service charge wherever applicable.

Hours of operation

CUISINE: American

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