Sky Bar by
the Sheraton Hong KOng

Imagine an opulent yet cozy setting with one of the most stunning views in the world. Sky Lounge is a place for you to unwind with a selection of vintage wine, award-winning cocktails and gourmet snacks, in a comfortable and elegant environment. It is also a glamorous hotspot in town for an elegant champagne afternoon tea experience. While away your day in style with the spectacular backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline and pamper yourself with delectable morsels and exquisite sweets and pastries, all freshly baked to perfection.

If it wasn’t for the Hong Kong skyline surrounding you at Sheraton Hong Kong’s Sky Lounge, you’d swear you were in America with their range of creative Delicious USA 2021 dishes. Sky Lounge has designed an enticing selection of tapas-style bites using superb, regional U.S. produce and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Sky Lounge The Sheraton Hong Kong x Delicious USA
New Orleans Braised Beef
Slow cooked, tender U.S. Beef served in a mouthwatering New Orleans sauce with Black beans and Corn Chips to soak it all up.


Cajun Seafood

A sumptuous selection of fresh American Oyster, Shrimp and Soft Shell Crab spiced Cajun-style and served with onion rings.


Rockefeller Oyster

New Orleans-style Oysters baked on the half shell and topped with a rich Spinach, U.S. Butter and Absinthe sauce.


Oysters on Toast

A grand open sandwich featuring spicy Cajun Oysters served with crispy, fatty U.S. Bacon


Soft Shell Crab

Delectable, whole American Soft Shell Crab bursting with sweet juicy flavor. Served with Celery and Bell Pepper.


In the event of any discrepancy between the information on this website and the information provided by the restaurants, the latter prevails. Dish prices are subject to service charge wherever applicable.

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CUISINE: International


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