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(Cha-Siu Bao) Bun Stuffed with BBQ Pork

Cha-Siu Bao is one of the famous steamed bread in Guangdong, typically seen in Chinese “Tea Restaurant” served together with “breakfast tea”.  

US Soft White Wheat and Soft Red Winter Wheat are good for making the low gluten wheat flour meeting the special requirements for Cha-Sui Bao’s whiteness and soft and sweet taste. 

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Sino-American Baking School of Guangzhou

I. Sour Dough

Ingredients Quantity (g) Formula ratio
Low gluten wheat flour 500 100%
Levain 100 20%
Water 200 40%

Process: Sift the flour, add in water, mix and knead or sheet until smooth, put into greased basin, ferment at 30℃/80%RH for 8 hours;

II. Dough

Ingredients Quantity (g) Formula ratio
Low gluten wheat flour 150 100%
Sour Dough 500 333%
Sugar 150 100%
Baking Powder 12.5 8.3%
Ammonium bicarbonate 2.5 1.7%
Potassium carbonate 10 6.7%
Coconut milk 25 16.7%


  1. Mix the flour and baking powder and set aside;
  2. Mix sugar, sourdough and coconut milk together till sugar dissolves; 
  3. Add ammonium bicarbonate to the dough, mix, and add in Potassium carbonate;
  4. Mix the flour into the dough and knead to smooth.

III. BBQ Pork Filling

Ingredients Quantity (g)
Pork 5000
Sugar 750
Maltose 300
Light soy sauce 250
Dark soy sauce 250
Oyster sauce 250
Salt 50
Monosodium glutamate 50
Chive 1000
Sichuan pepper 25
Star anise 25
Bay leaf 25


  1. Wash and dry the pork, cut into small strips, add sugar, maltose, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, mix well and rest for 2 hours;
  2. Put Sichuan pepper, star anise and bay leaf on oven tray, line up the chive, pour down the pork and sauce, place well and put in oven, bake at 200 bottom heat and 200 upper heat for 45 minutes. Turn off the oven and wait for 15 minutes to take it out. 



IngredientsQuantity (g)
BBQ pork filling300



  1. Sheet the dough and cut to 25g each, wrap 15g filling each, nip into a bird cage shape. Put into the steamer with a steaming paper underneath.
  2. Put into steamer and steam with high heat for 10 minutes.  The top of the bun should open and bulge naturally.