Regional American Cuisine To Try During Delicious USA 2021

What exactly is American cuisine? You’d be forgiven for thinking of stereotypical, yet delicious, burgers and hot dogs, however, the United States is a massive country. In fact, the U.S. is slightly larger than China and has a population of over 332 million consisting of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds. This diversity is reflected through American cuisine, which differs greatly from region to region based on cultural traditions and natural resources. 

Throughout Delicious USA 2021, many Hong Kong eateries will be showcasing regional U.S. cuisine. From July 1 – July 31 2021 explore these unique regions from New Orleans and the Southern USA to New England and beyond! 

New orleans

Possibly the most distinctive regional American cuisine, New Orleans cuisine encompasses Creole cuisine, Cajun cuisine and Soul Food. Creole cuisine is a sort of sophisticated fusion of French, Spanish, West African and Native American cuisines and is completely unique to New Orleans. Cajun cuisine is similar, yet a little more down to earth and with a heavy focus on spices and seasonings. Soul Food is an African American cuisine with Western African origins that is very popular in New Orleans and the Southern U.S.. 

Some of the most popular ingredients found in New Orleans cooking are bell peppers, celery, tomatoes, okra, garlic, chilli peppers, pork and seafood. Seafood is an extremely important part of New Orleans cuisine with fresh and saltwater fish and shellfish in abundance. 

Some noteworthy New Orleans dishes include blackened seafood (heavily seasoned fish which is cooked in a sizzling skillet until blackened); crumbed, fried or baked oysters cooked in a variety of rich sauces; Andouille or Cajun Sausage, boiled seafood such as crayfish (or Crawfish to New Orleans natives!), shrimp and crab, and Jambalaya – a rice and meat dish cooked with Creole spices and vegetables.

Experience the incredible flavors of New Orleans with these participating Delicious USA restaurants:

Duck & Waffle_Boston Lobster and Grits

Duck and WaffleBoston Lobster and Grits ($450)

Oyster and Wine Bar at Sheraton Hong Kong: Oyster Artichoke Soup ($190), Cajun Spice Boston Lobster ($840), and Blackened Tuna ($310)

Sky Lounge at Sheraton Hong Kong: Cajun Seafood Platter; Rockefeller Oyster ($190) and Spicy Cajun Oysters on Toast ($190)

The Cafe Sheraton Hong Kong x Delicious USA

The Café at Sheraton Hong Kong: Smoked and Slow Roasted U.S. Pork Ribs,  Lunch HK$368,- (Weekday) HK$418,- (Weekend / Sat & Sun) |  Dinner HK$648,- (Weekday) HK$708,- (Weekend / Fri & Sat)

Southern USA

An impressive variety of produce is sourced from the Southern USA as some of the largest farmland can be found in this region. Texas in particular is home to the most farms in the U.S. With so much farmland, it’s no wonder that the Southern USA, especially Texas, has become extremely well-known for its meat. Southern-style BBQ is now beloved all over the world. You can find out more about this fascinating cuisine and subculture in our blog post on the topic and have a look at the mouth-watering BBQ treats offered by our wonderful Delicious USA 2021 restaurants below:

Cafe Renaissance - Smoke BBQ USA

Café RenaissanceSt. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Pulled BBQ Pork Butt Sliders with Slaw and Pickles (Buffet Price: from $678)

café TOO_Buffet - BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

café Too: BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (buffet price starting at $418)

Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill_Baby Back Portk Ribs

Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill Kowloon TongTaikooTsim Sha Tsui: U.S. Imported Baby Back Ribs ($278)

Rosewood Hotel Henry

HENRY: BBQ Plate of Seven Pepper Beef Brisket, Snake River Farm BBQ Pork
Belly and Andouille Sausage (Two/$248 or Four/$488)

All American Smoke & Barrel

Smoke & Barrel: All American Brisket 200g ($218), Cider Glazed Baby Back Ribs ($218), and Smoked Beef Short Rib ($548).

The Roundhouse Taproom x Delicious USA

The Roundhouse Taproom:  Quarter Pound U.S. Beef Brisket ($150 set menu)

New England

The beautiful region of New England comprises six states including Boston and Maine. Boston is a bustling metropolis that lies on the Atlantic Ocean. Maine too lies on the Atlantic Ocean and is particularly well known for its gorgeous, rocky coastline yet it is significantly less populated than Boston. The most important thing these two states have in common is their world-famous lobster! American, also known as Maine, Lobster is widely considered to be the best lobster in the world! American Lobster is incredibly juicy, sweet, and offers a generous amount of succulent meat. Not only that but it is also an excellent source of protein and packed with healthy vitamins such as B-12, Zinc, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

So what’s the best way to eat these luscious crustaceans? The beauty of lobster is its diversity with its subtle flavor lending itself to an array of international dishes and cuisines. In New England, the most traditional ways to cook lobster is either to boil, broil or grill it. A popular, seasonal New England treat is the Lobster Roll, which is essentially juicy lobster meat on a hot dog bun. 

Every year, Delicious USA celebrates the diversity of U.S. ingredients with participating restaurants that showcase global cuisines. While some of our 2021 restaurants have chosen to highlight American lobster in a traditional fashion, many are treating it with an innovative twist. Don’t miss out on these amazing lobster creations during Delicious USA 2021:

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse Lobster

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse: ½ Boston Lobster Cocktail

Red Lobster Hong Kong x Delicious USA

Red Lobster: Live Maine Lobster Steamed 1lb served with Baby Potatoes ($368)

The Butchers Club x Delicious USA

The Butcher’s Club Wan Chai, Quarry Bay: Lobster Roll served with Sweet Potato Fries ($140)

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