Gunpowder Indian RestoBar

Gunpowder Indian RestoBar offers a carnival of exotic Indian delicacies with a modern flair in an enticing, contemporary bar setting located at Ship Street Wan Chai created by the team behind the legendary Gaylord Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong since 1972. Gunpowder’s menu features street favourite in Dimsum portion that called IndiSum, Tandoori Grills, exotic curries and freshly baked breads all with a modern twist. Its interiors are modern and contemporary, long bar with hanging shelf in copper tone and sparkling tile inlay brings style and sophistication. Dining section is backed by full height wine cellars with dining chair in shimmering green chenille fabric and marbled high table, all lit with metallic pendant lights. A private room for 12 persons is also available for group dining. Gunpowder Indian RestoBar offers business lunches, happy hours, and delightful dinners for a wonderful experience!

In the same way that the love for Indian cuisine is consistently growing in the U.S, the appreciation of American ingredients continues to grow amongst Indian chefs. Gunpowder is always experimenting with creative combinations, merging international techniques and dishes with Indian flavors. Participating in Delicious USA for their second year, Gunpowder has created an Eastern twist on a Tex-Mex favorite using superb Atlantic Salmon. 

Nizam’s Tacos in Salmon Koliwada (new)
Tacos may have originated in Mexico but they’re one of America’s most popular dishes. Nizam’s Tacos are given a Mumbai twist, filled with Salmon Koliwada – crispy fried, slightly tangy and moderately spiced Atlantic Salmon.


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Mayfare Group now owns and manages, Tamarind – Pan Asian, Siamama – Thai & Vietnamese, Namo- Avant Thai, and the famous Gaylord Restaurant, one of the oldest Indian establishments in Hong Kong since 1972

Rajeev Bhasin – Mayfare Group

Having been in the Hong Kong hospitality industry for over 30 years, Rajeev Bhasin is no stranger to the city’s vibrant yet ever-changing dining scene. Bhasin is the founder and managing director of Mayfare Concepts, which among many celebrated restaurants, manages Gaylord, Hong Kong’s oldest Indian restaurant with a history of over 50 years! As well-versed and knowledgeable as Bhasin…

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Regional American Cuisine

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