La Paloma

Welcome to La Paloma! We serve authentic Spanish cuisines, offering daily specials, tapas plates, and paellas which are perfect for sharing. Our hearty menus are packed with flavor created using traditional Spanish cooking techniques.

Located on Queens Road West, La Paloma boasts a relaxing atmosphere and colorful restaurant space that makes for enjoyable and laid-back dining. We’re open for brunch, lunch, and dinner and our friendly staff is always on hand to provide genuine service, with no service charge policy.

Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you!

As a loyal participant and supporter of Delicious USA since its inception, Head Chef and Owner Alex Fargas is no stranger to the wonderful world of American produce. Chef Fargas’ absolute favorite ingredient is Boston Lobster which is why he has decided to celebrate this seafood delicacy in La Paloma’s signature Paella De Bogavante (Boston Lobster Paella). Delicious USA 2021 is the perfect time to discover what makes this crustacean one of America’s most prized ingredients.

La Paloma
Boston Lobster Paella
The Boston Lobster Paella is cooked in one of La Paloma’s impressive tailor-made paella stoves creating that satisfying crispy rice bottom to perfectly compliment the slightly sweet and extremely juicy Boston Lobster. 


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Chef's talk with alex fargas

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Alex Fargas – La Paloma

Chef Alex Fargas is the Executive Chef and owner of Sai Ying Pun’s popular Spanish hangout La Paloma. Fargas, who is originally from Barcelona, previously headed the operation of acclaimed FoFo by el Willy for eleven years, which sadly shut its doors in early 2021. However, this has allowed Chef Fargas to focus on revamping the “sexy tapas” spot, La…

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